Global presence with local experience

GLC’s professionals come from more than twelve different nationalities, providing a first-hand and deep knowledge of each market, their particularities and the legal and regulatory requirements; It gives us a global presence with enough knowledge and sensitivity for the local realities of each country.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Software Asset Management is a complex reality. That’s why our teams are build up with specialists in different areas such as engineers, licensing specialists, lawyers, accountants, etc. allowing us to address our projects from different angles.

Associations and alliances

GLC is member and supports the activity of the main associations of the IT sector (AVES, 100% Legal, BSA). We also collaborate with the Official Organisms in charge of defending the Intellectual Property in each country.

Additionally, we have our alliances with Law Firms specialized in IP in different countries, with the aim of offering to the software manufacturers the best service in any market where we operate.

Our firm

GLC is a Consulting Firm specialized in the management of Intellectual Property of Software Manufacturers. With our global presence, our multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, we can offer a vast portfolio of solutions and services in the sector. We have over 10 years of experience in the management and defense of Software Intellectual Property.


GLC offers a complete Portfolio of Software Asset Management (SAM) and Compliance Solutions to software manufacturers, covering all activities aimed at spreading, verifying and assuring the correct Licensing of your Technology.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we have helped thousands of companies to eliminate the risk derived from an incorrect Software Asset Management.


We work with the main software manufacturers, global level, covering all segments and all technologies. Our flexibility allows us to offer the best services and results, both to, manufacturers with millions of clients of all sizes stablished in any country, and to software manufacturers highly specialized with a small universe of clients, more limited and uniform.

Some of our clients

Illegal software use leads to operational, legal, and security risks which negatively impacts productivity.
Piracy seriously harms the economy of the countries using illegal software. Not only detracts (withholds) important economic flows (cash flows) from a specialized and high added value sector, as the TIC, but also reduces tax income from the country, creating situations of unfair competition which affect the legal entities that invest and belief in an economy of high added value based on knowledge and innovation. Additionally, it is a crime, so do not cooperate with piracy, report it!